How to Transition Your IT Support Gig into a Higher Level Tech Job

All of these traits help hiring managers know if help desk job candidates would be a good fit, from an experience and cultural perspective. “Will this person embody our values and help cultivate a culture of customer success? ” “Will they continually seek to learn, grow, and make the product better? ” Being able to demonstrate this cultural fit is just as – if not more important – as the technical skills you possess. The next step is training on the new services via efficient communication and coordination between the two parties. The project team should allocate some time, according to the designed strategy, to train the service desk on the new/updated service.

This will enable the service desk to provide independent service handling. As a service support team member, you receive a ticket from an end user about an issue they’re facing with a new application. You are aware of the application release, but you don’t know how to handle the issue. So, you will need to either spend a long time investigating the issue help desk engineer via peer discussion and research or escalate it to the project team. Teeple emphasizes the importance of knowing how to support your team and your employer as you advance up the IT ladder—a skill that’s honed to perfection working as a help desk technician. You’ll learn how to view problems from the users’ perspectives and work effectively with a team.

All-star communication skills.

Make sure you have the right people in the right positions to set them up for success. For example, someone who loves front-end design probably shouldn’t be doing back-end database work. If you put them to the right position, your engineers grow their skills and advance from junior to senior developer, they will excel and be happy. The first month of a new engineering management role should be about making sure you dive into learning the craft of leadership.

The help desk can be a good training ground for juggling multiple issues at once – a vital skill for sysadmins. But, as a sysadmin, you’ll also likely be called on to bring deeper expertise in particular systems and tools than you do as a help desk tech. These could include internal systems, “crossover” technologies, or growth-oriented technologies.

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The help desk has long been a necessary component of IT shops, especially in larger organizations supporting thousands of users plus the devices and services they rely upon to do their jobs. The five steps listed here were critical for ensuring when QA engineer posts became available and helpful in achieving the transition. Most who were able to make the transition applied these steps; they continued to put themself in a position to succeed and eventually made it to full-time software engineering employment. While many existing roles are unfilled due to a lack of qualified candidates, there are also newly-created positions that have been developed to meet the needs of new and emerging technologies. Working at the help desk is a great way to begin a career in cybersecurity. For one, the help desk gives you the opportunity to work with end users.