Zooming In on One of the Most Unlikely Success Story of Eric Yuan

Peety was dragging, too, but soon we had progressed to walking for a half hour. Eventually, we were taking two half-hour walks each day. In retrospect, I realize Kulkarni’s prescription was addressing the cause of my problems. I didn’t need more pills; I needed something that would force me to get outside and cross paths with other people. I had never owned a dog before, and it seemed like a big responsibility.

  • Yuan’s hard work and passion helped him create one of the most successful companies in the world.
  • As if working out in-person wasn’t already challenging enough, now he had to do it without me by his side?
  • I think of my mother and the price she had to pay just for me to be her son.
  • The mayors also asked the Biden administration to speed up approval of work papers for asylum seekers so they could get jobs.
  • Today, Yuan is one of the wealthiest people in the world.
  • That seemed to mitigate any post-consumption guilt and kept me from feeling that I had fallen off the train.
  • The suit, which was filed Wednesday in Manhattan, accuses the mayor of assaulting the woman in 1993 when Mr. Adams was a New York police officer, but gives no other details.

These days, I use Fiverr as a buyer, typically with the purpose of collaborating with other talented individuals on content I’m working on for my blog. Often times, I’ll be working alongside researchers and designers who help spark my creativity and push my content to be better than I could create on my own. Meeting up with a running group gave Eric an outlet for his newfound energy and motivated him to set new goals.


Yuan, who owns 22% of Zoom, became a billionaire in 2019 after the company’s wildly successful IPO. After hearing a speech by Bill Gates in 1994, Eric decided he wanted to move to the U.S. to get in on the growing dotcom industry. His visa application was rejected eight times over a two year period. Eric Yuan story begins after he landed a job at WebEx in 1997. The 48-year old Eric started his career in U.S. as a Vice President of Engineering in WebEx Company.

  • The Pentagon, for its part, has responded with four rounds of airstrikes, killing as many as 15 people, U.S. officials say.
  • The „On Zoom” feature, that he compared to Uber, allows anyone to host an event on Zoom, where they can charge for attendance.
  • Pentagon officials say all of the troops are now back on duty.
  • So, in 2011, Yuan quit his job to start his own company, which was eventually called Zoom Video Communications.
  • JA Solar, a Chinese company, is building a solar plant in Phoenix, creating more than 600 jobs without raising any alarms about Beijing.
  • I used, developed a habit, and gave away everything in just one year’s time.

This includes being name the Time Businessperson of the Year in 2020, and being one of the Time 100 Most Influential People of 2020. However, it would take years of development before he saw his dream realized. A few interesting nuggets that came up during the Q&A session hinted at that future. The ability for people to speak over each other, while not great for presidential debates, would be a wonderful feature that could facilitate plays and musicals. Features that appeared to be top of mind for the company were auto-generating a transcript of a meeting and facilitating real-time language translation within a meeting. A far-out use case mentioned was replicating the office environment utilizing virtual reality.

Keys to Zoom’s Success, In the Words of CEO Eric Yuan

I’ve used him several times in the past and have always been pleased with the quality work he provides. Amalassoc was able to take the raw data I gave him and turn them into beautiful charts and graphs for my article. Once I published the article, someone submitted it to the 'dataisbeautiful’ subreddit on Reddit.

  • In 2008, she sued American Airlines, arguing that an employee had caused her to fall out of a wheelchair, injuring her back.
  • He spent ten years there as a programmer engineer and spent the whole night writing computer codes until the company was bought in 2007 by Cisco Systems.
  • Mr. Biden has in recent weeks rejected more aggressive bombing options, senior military officials said.
  • Finally, he reached the USA and joined WebEx, a start-up based on video conferencing.

Though I’m sure Eric would have enjoyed it if it was, it wasn’t rocket science. Over the next two months, Eric’s rate of progress picked up even more. He continued to add reps, add weight, and take on more challenging exercises.


In his career, Yuan built the team from 10 engineers to more than 800 engineers across the globe. He also contributed to the company revenue growth from 0$ to $700 million. The Brilliance site is a unique blend of my personal life-experiences, common sense and education with a healthy dose of humour all woven together to enable you to turn your „what-ifs” into your own accomplishments! To Empower Your Brilliance through Personal Development so you can believe with a little encouragement, motivation and a “can-do attitude” you can achieve all your goals. What keeps you going when things get tough and also reasons for you to wake up early each day. Behind the brilliance is a formula based on my own personal endeavours, encounters, insights and successes that will equip you with an understanding of knowing where you are in life and where you would like to be and how to get you there.

The law cleared the way for a wave of lawsuits against famous men accused of sexual misconduct, with a slew of cases coming in the final weeks before it was set to expire. Over the past year, the act has led to more than 2,500 lawsuits, including cases against former President https://ecosoberhouse.com/ Donald Trump, hip hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs and comedian and actor Russell Brand. The summons was filed under the Adult Survivors Act, a special New York law that created a year-long suspension of the usual time limit to sue over an alleged sexual assault.

The Inspiring Backstory of Eric S. Yuan, Founder and CEO of Zoom

In 4th grade, Yuan collected construction scrapes and wastes and recycled them for cash. After school, he attended Shandong University of Science and Technology, where he graduated with a degree in applied mathematics. During his first year of college, Yuan took 10-hour train rides to visit his girlfriend. This inspired him to create videoconferencing software as he wanted to find an easier way to see and talk to her. This idea had always been in the back of his mind, and he eventually created Zoom. After college, Yuan attended China University and got his masters in geology engineering.

By 2030, the trade association says, Mr. Biden’s legislation will have expanded the solar manufacturing work force to 115,000 Americans, and to more than 507,000 if transportation, installation and other industries are included. Solar energy production and storage should represent 30 percent of total domestic electricity generation by 2030. But a dark cloud hangs over the solar industry’s rapid expansion, and it emanates from China. Thanks to the president’s signature legislation, solar energy manufacturing is booming in Georgia, a key state in the 2024 election. But the industry now worries that it could be too much and too fast.

NBA In-Season Tournament an early success with room for greater potential with tweaks

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Zooming In on One of the Most Unlikely Success Story of Eric Yuan.

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